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Here you will find help and information on the most frequently asked questions and problems encountered with either joining the site or with membership access. Please check here first before contacting Support.

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Joining a site
Member Access issues



Joining a site
Will my credit card payment details be secure?
Yes. The billing company used processes all transactions using 128 bit encryption, which means it is as secure as any online banking system. This site does not see nor store any information relating to your card payment except of course for your name and password details for administration purposes.
Why is my card rejected when I sign-up or why is my card not valid?
There are numerous reasons why this could happen and the majority will be related to the automatic approval and security process when your card is being authorised. You will need to contact the billing company for further information. It is also possible that you are using a card type that is not accepted. Try using a different card or, if available, use the alternative billing provider given on the join page. At present, UK debit cards cannot be accepted (except Visa debit cards), but alternatives are being looked into to cater for this.
Member Access Issues
I have just signed up but can't access the member area
The most common problem encountered is that you have entered your pass details incorrectly. Entering an incorrect username or password or using the wrong case (login details are case sensitive) are the most common reasons for access problems. We advise all our customers to use the copy and paste facility to enter the details from the confirmation email you receive after signing up to the login box.
Occasionally, there may be a delay in adding your pass details. Please try again after an hour of joining the site.
If neither of these common solutions has any effect or you have any other access issues please contact support. Please provide the following information (without it the handling of your query may be delayed)
- Your transaction number (given on the confirmation email)
- Your username (DO NOT include your password)
- Your operating system (such as Windows Vista, XP, Mac OSX etc)
I am an existing member but can't access the member area, but have accessed the member area previously
Has your membership period expired? It is surprising how often this simple mistake is made. Please check the date you joined and the period of your subscription. If you are rebilling, ensure your credit card or payment option has not been cancelled. If you have automatic rebilling your card company may have declined the payment (either intentially or through a processing blip). If you feel your membership is still valid please follow the steps given above.
Another possible reason is that your username has been hacked or simply that you have tried to access the member area from different PC's or devices. This site operates an in-built security system which detects unusual activity and suspends the account accordingly. Unusual activity includes access through several devices over a period of time, access via different countries, plus a whole variety of other algorithms. If you feel you may have been a victim of a hacking attempt or have tried to access the member area via different PC's and/or devices, please email me with the details given in the above step. On some occasions it has been found that anti-virus programs block access to adult sites without you even knowing about it. Please check your program and add the site to your safe list.
I have signed up but I haven't been sent my pass details!
There are two common reasons for not receiving a confirmation email. The most common is that an email address was entered incorrectly on the sign-up page. The quickest way to obtain your pass details is to contact me and I will then send you your pass details by email. The other common reason is that your confirmation email has been sent to a spam, trash or junk email folder. Please check that it has not been sent there.
I have forgotten my pass details
Your pass details will be included in your confirmation email from the relevant billing company. Please check this. If you cannot locate your confirmation please send an email with your full name, the email address you signed up with and approx date of joining. Without this information no login information will be provided.
CCBill customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time by visiting CCBill Support. You will need your relevant sign-up information which can be found on your sign-up confirmation email from CCBill.
AOL and Other Non-Standard Browsers
Users of non-standard browsers (for example, WebTV, AOL or ISP provided browsers) may have issues accessing some features on this website or problems logging in. The basic answer to this problem is do NOT use the non-standard browsers that are proprietary and which are often given to you by your ISP. Try using the real Internet Explorer or Firefox browser that you have on your machine already. Visit > < if you need to get the latest version of Explorer or Firefox.
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