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Here, you will find help and information on other issues raised which have not been covered elsewhere.

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Downloading / Broken Link
Accelerator Programs
Multiple Access
Screen Resolution / Browsers




Downloading / Broken Links
Download speed seems slow compared to my usual speed
There are two main reasons why downloading may be very slow and, understandably, frustrating for you:
During peak periods the site will suffer from a large number of people trying to download videos and photo galleries at the same time. This is especially so when the site has been updated with new material. Certain times of the day are also particularly vulnerable, such as weekends and peak evening viewing times. Although we have a facility to boost the site's bandwidth speed to accommodate some of this increase, it is inevitable that there will be times when demand can reach as high as 20 times the norm. The simple answer to this is to login at non-peak periods to significantly reduce your downloading times.
Another more local reason is that your own internet connection speed in your area is subject to similar peaks in demand. For example, an advertised connection speed of 8 megabit broadband may only actually be available in the very early hours of the morning where you are and may be as low as 200kb in peak internet connection times. So even though the website speed may be running normally, you may still suffer slow download speeds if your own connection is running slow and is something we naturally have no control over.
There is a broken link
Although we take every care to ensure that links to all the files are working correctly, it is inevitable that occasionally one of those links fails. If you click a link or thumbnail and a 'file not found' screen is displayed then please copy the address from the address bar and paste it into the Contact Form for Customer Support to fix it asap. Similarly, use the Contact Form if you find that a link takes you to the wrong photo series or video clip. We do appreciate our customers letting us know about these since we like to ensure our sites operate as smoothly as possible.
A file corrupted message appears when I try to view a file
If you click a link or thumbnail and the file is not displaying correctly or displays a 'corrupted' pop up warning then please copy the address from the address bar and paste it into the Contact Form for Customer Support to fix it asap.
Accelerator/Ripping Programs
Please do NOT use a download accelerator, ripping or site sucker program. It will cause your username and password to be blocked permanently. When the server detects a downloading program it automatically kills the username and password and bans your ip address and you will no longer be able to enter the members area. Permanent means permanent and you will still be denied access even if you re-sign up to the member area.
Multiple Access
Please do NOT access a member area from more than one PC or device. For example, if you access the site from a personal computer, do not then attempt to access the member area from a mobile device, gamestation and so on. The site has a security system installed which monitors all login attempts and account download activity and will suspend any member's username where multiple login has been detected or where download limits have been violated. No system can distinguish between a genuine member from a hacker or user of a stolen pass and so it is in your own interests to abide by this condition to prevent any unecessary problems for both you and for us. This condition forms part of the general website terms and conditions of usage.
Screen resolution / Browsers
This site is optimised for screen resolutions of 1280x768 and higher and tested on Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome. We do not recommend use on any other browsers, including proprietry versions of Internet Explorer provided by Internet Service providers.
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