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This isn't one of those faceless sites you see all over the place. Here you get personal attention not only in dealing with any issues you have with the site you are viewing, but also to listen to any suggestions you may have too.

However, please check these pages first before contacting support, since your question may already be answered or you may be guided in the right direction or be asked for specific information. If you still need to contact support, please provide as much information about your query as possible as this will help in dealing with it quickly and efficiently.

Please note that any issues which are related specifically to your PC or internet connection are not covered here nor can this site be held responsible for problems which are not related specifically to our sites. However, as a matter of coutesy to our customers, we will do our utmost to help you with your issue and will offer suggestions and guidance wherever possible.


22 June 2018
All recent issues fixed

We do not, under any circumstance, ask our customers for their username and password details. If you do ever receive such a request, then please forward any emails you believe to be suspicious to Support and help us fight unsolicited emails. Under no circumstances will we send out any emails to you for any purpose whatsoever after the initial email confirmation has been sent to you by the billing company and you will not be placed on any mailing lists.

Like all the biggest and best membership sites this site uses sophisticated anti-hacking software that can be tripped in many different ways. In some cases this could be accidental. If your account has been suspended (identified by seeing a password abuse page), please get in touch with Support to have your account re-set. All login attempts to member areas are thoroughly recorded and all activity is monitored including unusual download patterns and activity. No system can distinuish between a genuine member or someone who is using a stolen pass, so please DO NOT access a site from more than one PC or device. Similarly, always use a different username and password combination whenever you join a site's member area. This will help prevent possible problems for you and help stem the market for stolen passes.


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